Online Zoom Classes – Proactive Play

Wednesday  16, 23, 30 November, 7, 14 December 2022

5:45pm-6:45pm Western Australian Standard Time

Have fun playing proactively and learning how to listen to yourself!

Fee: $110

Interested but this time doesn’t work for you? Email

To book

Transfer the class fee in Australian Dollars to

Elegant Moves


Use your name and the day of class as the reference (eg Sandy Wed).  Then email Sandy to let her know you are in! Use the email to which you want your zoom link sent and hey presto, you’re all set! If you don’t email, she won’t know how to contact you…

Casual attendance MAY be possible by emailing at least 3 hours prior to class. Fee is $28 AUD per class.

Links will not be sent before payment is received. Refunds are not provided for non-attendance. Bookings are non-transferable.

Unfortunately bookings cannot currently be accepted from the USA or Canada.

Zoom Tips

A Zoom link will be sent. If you haven’t used Zoom before, don’t worry, the email will help you get set up. If it is your first time using Zoom, be sure to follow the instructions well before class time – it does take a bit of time to install.

To best assist you, I need to see how you are going interpreting the instructions, so aim to have your mat somewhere the camera can see. In the first session we’ll take a bit of time to finesse things and after that you’ll get the hang of how best to setup. You can always adjust as class progresses. Here is an idea of how I set up my mat when I am participating in Zoom classes – maybe something like this will work for you, too!

An idea of how to set up your mat and camera for Zoom classes

In a Zoom environment you will be visible and audible to everyone, so be respectful of others in the way you conduct yourself. Any misbehaviour will result in cessation of service, and no refund will be provided.

Physical Setup Tips

Make sure your room is a comfortable temperature, and that you are lying on a comfortable surface. You definitely want to avoid getting cold. Try for a space where you can stretch your arms and legs out in all directions without hitting something. If you have carpet or a floor rug, great. Add a large towel and lie down.  If you are using a mat, try for one that is “just right” – not too hard and not too soft. If using a yoga mat, you will definitely need a very large towel or blanket on top of it so you can slide a bit on the mat – yoga mats are too “sticky” for the kind of movements you’ll be doing. My floor area has tiles so I like to add a blanket draped across my mat so I don’t get a shock from the cold hard floor if I roll onto it. You’ll need 3 towels – one to lie on and one or two for under your head. Think about the light too – avoid bright lights glaring at you. Wear socks and really comfortable clothes you can move in – no jeans or skirts or belts. You’ll figure out what works for you as time goes on!