Do you ever feel so wound up or anxious you can’t take a full breath?
Do you resist the urge to get up and participate, telling yourself “I couldn’t possibly!” – or “I’m just too old!”?
Maybe you are pretty good at something but it is painful – or you know you could be better…

Rather than taking the bench and stepping away from the things you love, prioritise yourself – take some time to investigate and see if it could be easier!

Elegant Moves is a Feldenkrais practice, founded by Sandy Mercer, Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner (CFP).

Using the medium of movement, the Feldenkrais Method® works with your individual self-image – the ideas you have about yourself physically, emotionally and intellectually. These ideas influence how we move, feel and think.

The great news is that no matter how old you are, your self-image is not static. You can change it by exploring possibilities – and remove limitations you set for yourself. So with the Feldenkrais Method you can take back control of how you move and think, and start to influence your pain and frustration – start to say “yes” to opportunities!

Elegant Moves invites you to be proactive – expand your universe by exploring what is possible! Read more about our services and make an appointment today.