Functional Integration®

Functional Integration® is all about you. Explore how YOU move and discover new options with one on one Feldenkrais Method® sessions. You’ll gradually build a picture of how you get in your own way, and learn strategies and different choices you could make instead. Let’s face it, there are enough challenges thrown at us without superimposing those we create ourselves!

Functional Integration ® lessons are individual – tailored to your interests and needs. It is all about YOU and what YOU are interested to learn.  You’ll be asked what you would like to work toward – what would you like to improve or explore?  We then work together to gain understanding and clarity about how you move, and how you could add to your repertoire.

Lessons could be conducted in many positions – lying on your back, front or side, sitting, standing, walking – often a combination of these in a single lesson. They usually involve touch, and may employ verbal questions and directions.

Lessons evolve as they progress and discoveries are made. You might find yourself going through various ranges of motion or different speeds. Or a lesson could be very small and seem quite still.

What type of thing might you be interested in? A few examples are:

  • to be more comfortable sitting at the computer
  • to improve my golf/tennis/softball/cricket/hockey swing
  • to find it easier to get to the floor to play with my children/grandchildren
  • to get up out of bed more easily
  • to feel more secure walking on uneven ground
  • to be able to put my shoes and socks on myself

There is no limit to the type of question that could arise – and from lesson to lesson, the question can change. The refinement of the question can also change over time. It all depends on how you engage with the process and how you respond. Sometimes change is gradual, other times there are leaps and bounds. There is always something new to discover – it is an ever expanding universe of possibility!

Often when you get up from a lesson, you feel somehow different from how you started.  You may not be able to label it. That’s fine. Rest assured – your brain will be working out what is going on, seeing if it likes the difference and figuring out how to incorporate it.

All lessons are conducted fully clothed – you’ll need comfortable, modest clothing in which you can move – that means no skirts, dresses or jeans that you can’t bend your legs in! Avoid studs and buttons – they can annoy or be painful. And always remember to wear or bring clean socks to your lessons!